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v. 8 n. 12 (2021)
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The Revista Jurídica Direito, Sociedade e Justiça, edited by professors of the Law course of the State University of Mato Grosso do Sul, University Unit of Dourados, is published every six months and is intended for the dissemination of scientific papers related to teaching, extension and research, through simple summaries, expanded summaries and scientific articles in the field of Law and its related areas, being able, exceptionally, to disclose writings from other specialties, as the case may be, as it understands that the Legal Sciences interact with a multitude of other sciences.


The magazine has the following editorial lines:

Constitution, State and Social Policies;

Citizenship, Justice and Social Rights;

Political Systems, Democracy and Human Rights;

International Studies, Technology and Digital Law;

Diffuse and Collective Process and Rights.


Area of knowledge: Law

Year of foundation: 2013

ISSN - 2318-7034

Short title: RJDSJ


Unit: Dourados/MS