Divine Prayers and epopees


  • Reza Ashrafzadeh
  • Alireza Ghiamati


In our epic narratives, heroism is not limited to the bravery and warfare in the battlefield and hero is not the one who has the power, but wisdom, kindness and justice, generosity and enlightenment, and especially monotheism and praying to God is the highest heroism. During widespread recent research, the significant and effective role of the Shahnameh was studied on the epics after it. However, the study of ethics and wisdom of epics is less considered and most research dealt with mythological and heroic narratives as well as epics. There is not yet an independent study about the evaluation of divine prayers and remembrance of God in these epics and comparing them with Shahnameh. This research, by studying the prayer, traditions, conditions and their frequency in each epic, represents the influence of Shahnameh on these works.




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Ashrafzadeh, R., & Ghiamati, A. (2020). Divine Prayers and epopees. REVELL - REVISTA DE ESTUDOS LITERÁRIOS DA UEMS, 2(22/2), 39–63. Recuperado de https://periodicosonline.uems.br/index.php/REV/article/view/3281



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